DONNA ZHONG x SPEAR STONE: Jewelry Collaboration

DONNA ZHONG x SPEAR STONE: Jewelry Collaboration

In collaboration with Spear & Stone, a capsule collection featuring 8 pairs of earrings has just launched earlier this week and will be available for a limited time only. Spear & Stone is a jewelry boutique based out of New York City with a lovely store located in downtown Manhattan. The shop is known for its stylish and unique jewelry pieces. The designer combines the best of semi-precious stones with awe-inspiring designs that focus on celebrating individuality. Every single woman, whatever their age and whatever the occasion, will find something perfectly suited for them.

The Donna Zhong x Spear & Stone jewelry collection features clean and minimal styles that are one of a kind. Each piece boasts a touch of elegance and offers a subtle statement-making effect, much like our clothing line.

The earrings are also all handmade and free of nickel. The earrings are created to reflect our brand style, but more importantly, they are designed to complement each and every Donna Zhong piece.

Take the Sputnik Sphere Gold Loop Earrings, for instance; the design tastefully portrays a simple concept of combining lines and spheres, which are made of 18K gold vermeil and acrylic respectively. We recommend you to style this pair of earrings with a turtleneck sweater this winter.

Meanwhile, similar to our approach to giving staple pieces a fun twist, the Orion Hoop Earrings features a stylish take on the traditional hoops by adding 3 acrylic spheres within the 18K gold vermeil circle. This galactic creation is filled with sophistication and wonder. We believe this is the perfect pair to wear with our sheer collection.

If you’re feeling “wild” and want to go for a hint of color, check out the Supernova Asymmetrical Gold Drop Earrings features a mismatched design and light blue acrylic spheres and adornments. Try wearing this pair to monochromatic outfits! Check out the full collection here:


Spear & Stone also carries Donna Zhong's clothing pieces. It is located at 262 C Mott St., in New York City.

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