Using leather-canvas pouch 3 ways

Using leather-canvas pouch 3 ways

Hi, everyone! 

One of our most-adored accessories amongst the Donna Zhong team this season is the Leather-Canvas Pouch from the latest collection. It was really interesting when we found out that each one of us were using the same pouch for different purposes and occasions - the beauty of having a minimal, versatile item!

Our Visual Designer, Tiffany was out and about in California with our leather canvas pouch.

Our Business Operations Officer, kandyce was showing off the pouch along with her baby bump!

Last but not least, our designer Donna carried the pouch when she was attending a movie preview in New York. 

The multi-purpose chic pouch has a canvas front and leather back, as well as leather trimming. It has a zipper closure on the top, as well as a leather strap with a snapped-close button on the back. The zipper closure keeps your items secure while the leather strap makes the pouch easier to carry. Plus, it allows you to attach the pouch to your backpack or tote bags!

Scroll down to find out how the team has been using the pouch:

A Travel Essentials Pouch

One of our team members recently packed our leather-canvas pouch in her carry-on with all of her travel essentials stored inside, including her passport, boarding pass, and a separate wallet for different currencies. Thanks to the leather strap and buckle on the back, the pouch was attached to her travel bag at all times. She was able to easily access her documents without worrying about losing the pouch. And that is a good thing, of course.

A Tech Protectant Sleeve

We like to be organized and have all of our devices in one place, and this pouch is spacious enough for us to do so! With 11 inches of length and 9 inches of width to take advantage of, we can easily fit our phone, iPad, chargers, headphones etc., in the pouch.

A Dinner Go-to Clutch

Using the leather back as the front, the pouch just went from day-to-night! Place your keys, lipstick, phone, and wallet in the pouch… and there will still be room to spare!

Keeping your accessories, as well as clothing, minimal is key to having a timeless wardrobe. Not only is this pouch a great versatile piece, but it is also durable and made to last for years to come.

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The Donna Zhong Team

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