| New Products | Summer 2019 |

| New Products | Summer 2019 |

We are so excited to announce the launch of the Summer 2019 Lifestyle Collection, featuring two bags perfect to travel with, as well as two candles that offer your home and office a fresh scent. 

Read on to learn more about the new products:

The Oversized Canvas Tote Bag

The Oversized Canvas Tote Bag is perfect for a weekend getaway. It can easily fit your laptop, magazines, 2 days worth of clothes, and a makeup bag. For longer trips, the bag can be used as your carry-on that fits all your travel essentials, including a scarf to keep yourself warm on the plane, or even a neck pillow if you needed it!

The main material of the bag is canvas, which is strong enough to take on several trips without any wear and tear, but light enough to carry around. The straps, trimming on the sides, and the bottom part are all made of quality leather to hold the shape of the bag and adds an elevated, chic vibe to the bag. Having a removable bottom piece allows you to fold the bag into your suitcase if you no longer need to use it.


The Canvas-Leather Pouch

The Canvas-Leather Pouch matches the tote bag; they are available to order as a set and separately. The front of the pouch is made of the light canvas material, and the back is all leather with a leather strap and a snap button. Use it to store your smaller items like your wallet, passport and keys when you’re traveling, or turn it into a clutch to use on date nights. The pouch can also function as a protector case for your iPad or Kindle.


The “Donna” + “Zhong” Candles 

If you have already visited Spear & Stone in NYC, where our pieces are now shoppable, you may have already seen our “Donna” and “Zhong” candles already!

At #donnazhong, we strive to promote clean designs and a minimal lifestyle. This concept is reflected in our newest set of the two candles. Candles can easily transform your space and mindset in such a simple way - making it an essential for your home and office. 

Both soy blend candles are hand-poured and created right here in Manhattan, New York. The “Donna” candle has hints of jasmine sambac, honeysuckle, tuberose, orris root, and lily of the valley while the “Zhong” candle features hints of bergamot, lemon, coriander, earl grey tea, wolfwood, and mate.

The candles are dedicated to Donna’s mother, who plays a significant role in Donna’s life and an inspiration to our #bosslady. The jasmine and lily from the ‘DONNA’ candle and the lemon and earl grey tea from the ‘ZHONG’ candle are her favorite scents. 

The candles can be purchased separately or as a set.

Additionally, the amazing artwork on the candles are illustrated by the talented Seohui Chi Illustrations (@s2ohui_illustration).

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