Fall ‘19 Collection Design Inspiration & Concept

Fall ‘19 Collection Design Inspiration & Concept

The Fall 2019 Collection by Donna Zhong, featured at New York Fashion Week at Pier 59 in February, is now available to order online and purchase at Flying Solo and Spear & Stone in New York City. Pieces from the collection has already been spotted on many influencers as well as in several editorial photo shoots. We at the #donnazhong team are so excited that the collection has officially launched.

One of the most celebrated set from the collection is the cream Overlap Back Wool. Blazer and matching Contrast Binding Wool Pants. Countless compliments have been received since its first debut on the runway. 

Continuing the overall brand style of keeping everything simple and minimal, chief designer Donna Zhong incorporated surprising twists found in classic designs. Her main goal is to allow every piece to make a statement, yet remain versatile.

“My goal is to offer a simplified wardrobe to modern-day women who goes through a day playing multiple roles; what they wear needs to be suitable for various occasions,” our #girlboss Donna said.

The Top Sheer Sweater or the Side Sheer Sweater, for instance, are timeless
turtlenecks that come with a unique sheer element that goes from either the chest up to the neck area or down the side. The material adds a feminine vibe to the piece.

Statement pieces like the Black and White Stripe Knit Dress has a refined distinctive feature; a triangular reversed design that plays a visual trick. No wonder people are turning heads to take a second look at anyone wearing it!

“Sometimes memorable, statement pieces can be subtle, too; I like to being able to add little surprises to my pieces,” Donna explained. The peekaboo “Donna” logo placed above the pocket on the luxurious Wool Scarf is a great example.

Prints are not often used in Donna Zhong’s collections. When they are, they tend to be there for a special reason. The Silk Front Twist Blouse, for instance, has a bird print all over.

Donna told us that the bird print represented “a sense of freedom” to her – the freedom of being able to be who she is at the current stage of her life, as well as the freedom of being able to present designs she is passionate about and truly adore. Perhaps what Donna is also offering to consumers is the freedom of mix-and-matching her versatile yet minimal pieces. Not one design limits you to one specific occasion or identity.

Check out the full collection here: www.donnazhong.com. Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for more fashion news and styling tips!

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The Donna Zhong Team

Stores in New York City:
Flying Solo | 434 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012, United States
Spear & Stone | 262 C Mott St, New York, NY 10012, United States

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