Influencer’s Picks | Spring ’19 Collection

Influencer’s Picks | Spring ’19 Collection

Previously, we talked to #bosslady Donna Zhong about the inspiration behind the Spring ’19 Collection, which is now available to order online.

In this post, we chatted to fashionistas Krity Shrestha of @krity_s and Selma Ali of @laselmastyle about their favorite pieces from the collection.

Owner of the blog, Krity also works as a fashion designer full-time, and is known for her skillful knack of mixing and matching different patterns and colors in one look.

Krity in our Twoways Silk Cotton Checker dress

A Psychiatry Licensed Social Worker, Selma is the content creator behind Her edgy, yet chic vibe is hard to miss!

Read on to find out what their thoughts are on the pieces:

The DZ Team: If you were to take a piece from the spring collection on a trip with you, which one would it be?

Selma: There are so many that I like but I would definitely have to go with the back drape slip t-shirt dress! Words can’t even describe how beautiful this dress is. What I really love about this item is that you can wear it with a pair of heels or even with sneakers. It can be dressed down as well as for a special occasion, either way it has that particular edge to it that I always love to add toward my outfits. Lastly, I love the open back drape crawl details, it’s STUNNING!

Krity: The yellow summer back tie cotton dress!! I love the color and cut of the dress.

The DZ Team: How did the pieces make you feel when you were wearing them?

Selma: Besides feeling super cute and comfortable, a woman is supposed to feel confident, and that is definitely what I felt while wearing Donna Zhong’s pieces!

Krity: They made me feel modern and strong, but still grounded to my femininity.

The DZ Team: Which piece from the spring collection is your favorite and why?

Selma: One of my favorite pieces is the bodysuit. It’s 100% cotton and it features adjustable shoulder straps which I love! This one piece could be worn with jeans, skirts, shorts, pants etc. On days that I have no idea what to wear I can literally go in my closet and grab the one piece. The rest will fall into place all together!

Selma in our Shirting bodysuit.

Krity: I loved the 2-piece Hammer Satin set! I loved the color so much! My favorite part was the ruching on the side and the fact that it is adjustable.

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