Spring ’19 Collection | 1 Dress, 8 Ways

Spring ’19 Collection | 1 Dress, 8 Ways

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In this post, we’ve invited content creator Tricia from @happilyeverstyle to show us how she maximizes her closet by styling our Summer Back Tie Dress in different looks!

Read on to see the 8 outfits she put together with the one dress:

Wear the Dress As It Is

“This citrus cotton dress is so light and colorful – I’m so excited to wear it throughout the summer! The shape is flattering and I also love that there are pockets! The back detail is one of the highlights of this piece; it’s so subtly feminine and elegant.”


Add a Denim Jacket | Off to Sunday Brunch

“This look is perfect for any weekend activities. Just take out your good o’ denim jacket and you’re all set for a Sunday brunch date with your gal pals. I love that this outfit is comfortable enough for you to feel relaxed, loose enough for you to eat the extra pancake, chic enough to bump into your ex, and colorful enough for you to take fabulous photos!”


Wear It with a Sweater Over It | Wear In-between Seasons

“Living in New York has trained me to always be prepared for moody weather. A sunny day that started out being really warm can easily end up being rainy and cold, so adding a sweater over this dress makes me well-prepared for any unexpected surprises. I picked out a mint sweater to keep the colors looking like spring and to match my bag!”


Throw On a Sheer Layer | For a Stroll in the Park

“Maybe I’m going for a walk at Central Park with the hubby, maybe I’m going to the beach outside New York, or maybe I’m just going to water my plants in my imaginary backyard. Either way, I’m going to throw a sheer cover-up over the dress to give it a completely different look! The brown warms up the hues and give depth to the tones. I paired it with slides for a very comfortable, casual vibe. And of course, if you’re going to be in the sun, you cannot forget a nice sun hat!”


Invest in a Maxi Vest | Something Fancy

“Personally, I think a maxi-length piece often has an elongating effect! For this semi dress-up look, I wanted to look taller so I layered a maxi vest over the dress and wore a pair of satin heels! Even in the rain, the bright citrus color keeps me cheerful and makes me pop in the gloomy weather!”


Put Some Pants On | Perfect Travel Outfit

“When traveling, I like to pack pieces that are extremely wearable and can easily be worn repeatedly with different items. While you can wear the dress on its own, you can also unbutton the bottom half and turn it into a semi-cardigan, wear it over a pair of leggings, or in this case, jeans! I’m 100% certain I can easily wear the jeans with all the tops I’d pack on a trip — you just can’t go wrong with that!”


Light Scarf to the Rescue | Perfect Travel Outfit, #2

“Another piece I would always pack in my carryon when I travel is a light scarf. No matter where I go, whether it is a hot or cold climate, I never leave without one because you never know when it can come in handy. Throwing the light scarf over the dress would be great for when it gets chilly at night or in air-conditioned restaurants, for instance.”


Layer A T-Shirt Under | Hanging Out (with the In-laws) 

“There are times I prefer not to show too much skin, i.e. when I’m hanging out with my in-laws, for instance. But I still want to show off this pretty dress! So my solution is to add another layer under the dress, and in this case, a pink t-shirt to match my pink sandals. If the weather is cooler, I would likely swap out the t-shirt for a turtleneck for more warmth!”


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