Tote Bag in 3 Cities | Traveling with #DonnaZhong

Tote Bag in 3 Cities | Traveling with #DonnaZhong

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From our Summer Lifestyle Collection, the Oversized Canvas Leather Tote has quickly become one of the team’s favorite accessories; in fact, everyone on the #donnazhong team owns one!

There are many reasons why we love the tote – one of them being how spacious it is! You can easily use it on a day-to-day basis when you’re out and about running errands, use it to pack for a weekend trip, use it as a carry-on …, the possibilities are endless! The bag itself is light and the strong leather straps allow you to carry it comfortably and at ease.

Our #girlboss Donna recently found herself having a hard time leaving the tote behind, wherever she goes! Read on to see how she uses the tote in 3 different cities.

New York City | The Everyday Fit-it-all Bag

As someone who often needs to run around the city to get different things done throughout the day, Donna finds the tote to be very useful when she needs to carry sample pieces, her laptop and notebooks, as well as other personal belongings.

“I love that instead of carrying 2 or 3 bags, I’m able to just fit everything into this tote and carry 1 bag; the straps are wide, so they don’t dig into my shoulders,” Donna told us.

Once in a while, she would also carry her flats in her tote bag to change into after having worn heels to meetings in the city.


Miami | The Beach Tote

When Donna traveled to Miami earlier this summer, she found the tote to be the perfect beach bag because she was able to easily pack a change of clothes, a big towel, as well as water and some snacks in the bag.

“Since the tote has zippers, I was able to keep sand out from the bag, which was one of the reasons why I preferred it over open beach totes,” Donna said.

Being able to zip up the tote also keeps the contents safe, too, and we love that thoughtful feature!


Belize | The Travel Carry-on

When Donna went on a family trip to Belize, she used the tote as her carry-on. The small pockets inside were perfect places for her to put her wallet and passport, as well as her phone. It was also spacious enough for her to pack all her in-flight essentials.

Donna explained: “I get cold on the plane sometimes, so I put a scarf in the tote just in case; I also had my iPad and a book in the bag, as well, and there were still ample room.”

Also found in her tote is the matching leather-canvas pouch. She packed her beauty essentials, like sheet masks and facial mist, in it to keep the tote neat and organized.

When they landed in Belize, Donna was then able to use the pouch as an evening clutch when she went to dinner with her family, too!

Where do you plan to take our tote bag with you? Be sure to tag us @donnazhongofficial and #donnazhong so we can follow your journey!

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