Gaviota | New Dance Film at Blanc Magazine

Us dancers are lucky. When the mind is consumed we have the ability to move through pain, frustrations, anxieties and sadness. Give spacing for new vocabularies and topographies. Our body maps out cathartic trails of anguish to relieve the compressions of suffering. We need only to feel safe enough to do so. We need only to give ourselves permission. For many though, the crossing over, the gentle release and subtle step into that space can prove impossible. We build the walls that are impermeable. We are careful and efficient for so long we forget what we were trying to hide in the first place. But if you’re lucky enough, you get to use it over and over again, allowing it to inform you, change you, ripping away at the flesh and bone to reveal new marrow. Tendons act as ropes bringing you back from the depths, sometimes screaming, but always to be reborn.


DIRECTOR Elena Vazintaris
PERFORMER Kiani Del Valle
CINEMATOGRAPHY Fiona y Eduardo Valderrama
Editor Winnie Cheung
Music Emilia y Pablo
MAKE-UP Kyle Sheehan
HAIR Beth Shanefelter